Thank you for being part of the JMG Security Systems 25th Anniversary Golf Tournament! Whether you are planning to join us at Mile Square Golf Course on May 11th  or 12th or join us online for the raffle, online auction, or our virtual finale on May 13th or all of the above, we’re glad you’re part of this special celebration! 


Ever since Friday, March 13, 2020, when the first lockdown order came and schools shut down, every day has been a fight. A fight to keep the Boys & Girls Clubs’ doors open for the kids who need us most. A fight to give those kids the support they need to make it through this difficult time. And the Club is winning that fight – because of supporters like you. When you support the JMG Golf Tournament, you are helping the kids at the Club survive and thrive. Despite a global pandemic. Despite lockdowns, school closures, and lost jobs. With your help, kids have the stability they need at the Boys & Girls Club.

But, even though we made it through 2020, the fight isn’t over yet. The Club’s school age branches doubled their hours of operation from 5.5. hours each day to 11 hours each day in order to be there for the kids who are doing school online only or in hybrid models. Double the hours of operation, combined with the need to keep kids in small stable groups without any mixing has resulted in staffing costs that far exceed the amount that families can afford to pay for childcare. The Club has a funding gap of nearly $100,000 each month. Your support can help bridge that gap and make sure that every child who needs the Boys & Girls Club has access to it.

Thanks to you, moms and dads will be able to go to work and keep our community moving forward toward recovery, knowing that their kids are well cared for at the Club. With your support, kids will get the help they need to succeed in school when they are unable to be in the classroom. Your help will ensure that kids get enough to eat, with a free meal at the Club offered every day. And you’ll help kids get opportunities to be active and connected with other kids through sports and performing arts programs in person and on Zoom.

As we work on meeting kids’ needs today, the Club is also trying to plan for a better future. Your support gives us hope that the Boys & Girls Club can win this long fight and come back stronger than ever for the kids who need us most. We hope we can count on you to be in our corner.

Can we count on you to join us and make your sponsorship today?

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