Through the ClubHouse Theatre acting program, youth ages 6+ study all aspects of theater in a supportive environment while participating in a musical production. Students have an opportunity to participate in regular productions throughout the year. Our ClubHouse Theatre program provides a creative outlet and an encouraging environment for our students to connect and thrive!

Fall Production: Matilda Jr.

ClubHouse Theatre is looking for beginning to advanced actors, singers and dancers ages 7-18 to cast in our upcoming musical theatre production of “Matilda Jr.” With high-energy dance numbers and catchy songs, Matilda Jr. will delight audiences with the story of the special little girl with an extraordinary imagination.

Production Fees: $250 for all levels. Fees cover rehearsals, major costume pieces, script, music, dance and voice instruction, t-shirt, and cast party.
Location:  Rehearsals, and performances take place at the Kingston Branch stage (16582 Brookhurst Street, FV)
Production Performance Dates: January 20-February 6, 2022. Tech rehearsals and performance dates are specific to each cast.
Rehearsals begin the week of September 27.
Choose the cast that’s right for your child based on age, acting experience, and schedule. Auditions will take place on the first day of rehearsals for each cast.
Registration is on a first come first served basis. If casts are full, additional casts may be added.

Cast 1: Beginner/Intermediate – Ages 7+
Rehearsals: Tuesday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm • 1st Rehearsal/Audition Sept. 28
Cast 3: Beginner/Intermediate – Ages 8+
Rehearsals: Thursday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm • 1st Rehearsal/Audition Sept. 30
Cast 4: Intermediate – Ages 10+
Rehearsals: Tuesday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm • 1st Rehearsal/Audition Sept. 28
ClubHouse JR Entertainers: Intermediate Advanced, Ages 12+
Rehearsals: Wednesday, 6pm – 8:00pm • 1st Rehearsal/Audition Sept. 29
ClubHouse Entertainers: Advanced, Ages 12+
Rehearsals: Thursday, 6pm – 8:00pm • 1st Rehearsal/Audition Sept. 30

Ages 7-18 Cost: $25
Saturday, Sept. 25, 2:00pm – 4:00pm at ClubHouse Academy.
Become a stronger performer before individual cast auditions (held at the first rehearsal) through a musical theatre audition workshop focused on singing,
dancing, and acting skills.

8th Grade+ • Intermediate/Advanced Cost: $180
Tuesdays, 4:30-6pm beginning Sept. 28 and January 20-February 6, 2022.
Work behind the scenes and learn skills related to stage management, casting, costuming, tech, crewing a show and make-up. This group will act as the stage crew for Matilda Jr Cast 1. Class size is limited.

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Musical Theater Dance Classes at ClubHouse Academy

Cost: $55/month for in-person classes, $45/month for Zoom classes
Classes are held at ClubHouse Academy (10200 Slater Ave.).

This class brings the exciting world of Broadway to life. Learn the latest moves and choreography. Age-appropriate Broadway scores and popular music are used to teach stage movement and dance styles as we work on actual dance numbers from shows. Learn audition techniques and a variety of repertoire in this fast-paced Broadway style dance class.

Musical Theatre Dance Classes
Musical Theatre Dance, Level 1, Ages 7+Friday3:00pmTeacher: Miss Sydney
Musical Theatre Dance – Tap, Levels 1/2, Ages 8+Thursday3:00pmTeacher: Mr. Justin
Musical Theatre Dance, Level 2s+, Ages 10+Wednesday3:30pmTeacher: Mr. Justin
Musical Theatre Dance, Levels 3+, Ages 12+Wednesday4:30pmTeacher: Mr. Justin
Musical Theatre Performance Technique, Ages 10+Monday5:30pmTeacher: Miss Sydney
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